From 435 BC. we reach 2019.
From the oldest to the most modern olive mill.
From ancient Argilo to today.


The Agriston olive press is located in the area of Kavala, near the mouth of the river Strymon and very close to ancient Amphipolis. In antiquity (435 BC) the area was called Argilos and maintained one of the first olive mills.

Wanting to connect the past with the modern present and to highlight the fine olives of the region, we created the Agriston olive mill in Greece, which has the ability to regulate the intensity of fruity, bitter and spicy during oil extraction.

The Agriston mill has a state-of-the-art machinery as well as all the necessary certifications for the production, storage and bottling of conventional and organic olive oil. Modern equipment allows full control of the production chain as well as excellent product quality at all stages of fruit processing.